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Notice for the Entrance Examination of Designated Items for Individual Applicants for the 112 Academic Year

Our department will be conducting entrance examinations for individual applicants on May 26-28, 112 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). For detailed information, please refer to the "Examination Instructions" below.

Important notes: Entrance examination for designated items for individual applicants for the 112 academic year.



2023 Recommendation-based Admissions for Ming Chuan University, Encountering the Department of Digital Media Design

Still hesitating? Haven't registered for the Department of Digital Media yet? Eager to embark on a new stage in your life? The Department of Digital Media is here to help! We are sharing a guide to help students prepare for the interview process, along with the scoring criteria for the interview. We hope that everyone can be well-prepared and confidently face the interview.

We're happy to help and wish you the best of luck in your academic pursuits!

For more information, please visit our official page:2023 Recommendation-based Admissions for Ming Chuan University's Department of Digital Media Design



2023 20th Graduation Exhibition of the Department of Digital Media Design, Ming Chuan University

In order to present perfect works, we wished that a day could last two, and we bathed in the starry night without realizing the dawn penetrating through the clouds.

Welcome to visit and give us your guidance!~

Facebook Page:2023 Ming Chuan University 20th Graduation Exhibition of Department of Digital Media Design



The 2023 Cross-Strait Ma Zu Culture Creative Design Competition for University Students will be held

In order to promote traditional Chinese culture and enhance cross-strait youth integration and exchange, Xiamen University of Technology will hold the 2023 Cross-Strait Ma Zu Culture Creative Design Competition for University Students. We hereby invite a team from Ming Chuan University to participate and kindly ask for your strong support and encouragement for more students to take part.

Please refer to the competition brochure for more details:2023 Cross-Strait Ma Zu Culture Creative Design Competition for University Students



C-IDEA Design Award 2023

The C-IDEA Design Award is the Worlds’ annual juried design competition. It aims to recognize and promote visionary talents in a wide array of categories ranging from communication design, industrial design, architecture, interior design, fashion design, and new media. A yearbook and exhibition of the nominated designs are also presented as part of the event. The jury consists of twenty countries with over thirty representatives from high-profile designers and educators. The C-IDEA Design Award aims to recognize outstanding design with social value, excavate more farsighted, and responsible excellent design forces to help the development of the design industry! The C-IDEA Design Award hopes to create more opportunities for excellent designers to communicate and cooperate with exhibitions, awards ceremonies, and international events. Each year’s results are announced during a ceremony that is hosted in a different country. So far, the CIDEA Design Awards ceremonies (and accompanying events) have been hosted in Australia, Russia, Poland, South Korea, Czech Republic, Taiwan China, and so on.

Please visit the official website for more details:C-IDEA Design Award 2023



2023 Taiwan International Student Design Competition

The world's largest student design competition, the "2023 Taiwan International Student Design Competition," will open online registration and submission on May 15th! The theme of this year's competition is "Compassion." The competition includes three categories: "Product Design," "Visual Design," and "Digital Animation."

Please refer to the attached promotional materials and registration instructions for details:



2023 Taichung International Animation Festival

The "Taichung International Animation Festival" (TIAF) is now accepting short animation film submissions until June 30th. The total prize money is up to NT$1.35 million, and animators from around the world are welcome to participate and compete for the high prize money.

Download the Brochure:2023 TIAF Taichung International Animation Festival Brochure, or click the link on the right to visit the official website.