Animation Focused Course Program

The Anime Credit Program aims to provide training in basic anime design skills combined with computer animation technology, with a focus on the potential for future commercial application in anime design. The program seeks to cultivate students' abilities in fundamental animation and cartoon design and digital applications.

Program Study and Training
  1. Students must complete required courses worth 6 credits and core elective courses worth at least 8 credits, as well as at least 7 credits of foundational elective courses, for a total of 21 credits. At least 6 credits of the elective courses should not be from the student's original major, department or minor program.
  2. Undergraduate students from various departments of this university who have been approved through the screening process are eligible to enroll in this program. Students who have not been approved can also take courses in this program, but they will not be awarded the program certificate. Priority will be given to students who are eligible for the program in the enrollment of each course.
Career Development
  1. Can develop a career in animation design and manga design industry.
  2. Web animation design and APP animation design.
  3. Digital teaching materials design and development / digital e-book design.

Download the Implementation Regulations and Curriculum Structure of the Animation Credit Program