Award-Winning Student Works

Encourage students to participate in domestic and international digital media design competitions, operated through the integration of digital media design courses. Over the years, we have achieved fruitful results in winning awards. By participating in competitions, we not only cultivate students' team spirit and sense of honor, but also bring honor to our department and the school.


Winner of the 2022 European iJungle Graphic Design Award for Excellence in Advertising/Promotion


In modern society, as we constantly progress, we receive information through various means, which affects our thoughts and actions. With the impact of information, we respond differently depending on the messages we receive. New media has enhanced the interaction between communicators and recipients, and relationships between people are saturated with various influences. Starting with digital media, we explore the interdependence of influence through the theme "WAIT! Between Us." Using the visual tension of an exclamation mark and the title "WAIT!", we aim to make people in this fast-paced era pause and reflect on the intangible influence we have on one another. Through the medium of digital media, we showcase the impact of each student's work and translate words into images to awaken the awareness of exhibition viewers. Under our influence, we can examine ourselves and give back to society.


Winner of the 2021 Red Dot Award in the Brand and Communication Design category


Thank you, contemporary era, for teaching me to be fearless. I am grateful for the abundance of streaming resources in this age that facilitate communication and creativity. However, the overwhelming amount of information generated is like a giant beast devouring culture, consumption, and even thoughts. In this unique context and awareness, fear is everywhere, but it also teaches us how to face, think, and break through it, so that we can truly reap the benefits of being fearless.

Wilderness Heart

Won the Nomination Award at the 7th Cross-Strait University Student Image Exhibition and Phoenix Flower Season Graduation Exhibition in 2021


When the apocalypse comes and humanity has thoroughly polluted the earth, the disillusioned Earth Goddess chooses to plant a seed in a corner of the earth that has yet to be tainted, and then disappears completely. Afterwards, the world is left with only a desert of white crystals and an oasis that grows from the seed. Over time, the oasis is gone, leaving only Delin, who wanders the desert with only locusts for company. One day, Delin is faced with the harsh reality of his situation and sees a dandelion floating in from outside. This inspires a bold idea - that there may still be other oases out there. Determined to find his dream oasis, Delin sets out on a journey.


Won the "2021 Vision Get Wild (VGW)" PC Game Category Honorable Mention and was nominated for the "2021 Bahamut ACG Creation Contest" Game Category


A strategy game that combines elements of both chess and card games, where players control their own characters and monsters to battle on a chessboard-like map. Players use cards in their hands to determine the actions their characters will take, and explore the secrets of the ruins together with Charles and his companions.

Fight On! Brave Anti-Epidemic Warrior!

Won the "Excellence Award" in the "Original Stickers" category at the 14th Myfone Mobile Creation Awards in 2020


Transforming from the complexity of lines to the smallest unit of pixels, Wu Qu, the artist, fearlessly became an anti-epidemic warrior, persevering in the face of the epidemic. During the epidemic, playing games at home became a highly regarded activity. Inspired by this, Wu Qu used the image of an RPG game hero to symbolize and pay tribute to the medical personnel who fought against the virus during the epidemic. Wu Qu also incorporated the themes of exaggerated stickers that university students use to rush assignments and engage in daily banter, adding a fun and practical element to the artwork. As a result, Wu Qu won the "Original Sticker" category award at the 14th Myfone Mobile Creation Awards in 2020.

Devoted to You

  • Won the "2020 Vision Get Wild (VGW)" Special Award for CG Animation in the animation category
  • Won the award of excellence in the General University Category at the 16th National Vocational College Computer Animation Competition
  • Won the Honorable Mention Award in the 9th Bahamut ACG Creation Contest 2020


A short animation based on the theme of a girl's inner drama, presented in the form of a musical. Through the projection of the protagonist's alter ego, the struggle within her heart is expressed, conveying the idea that "crushing and falling in love are only one step away, but if you don't take that step, you can only stay where you are."


Won the "Honorable Mention Award" at the 9th Bahamut ACG Creation Contest in 2020


A story about a girl named "Searching for Hearts" and a boy who was created, inspired by a friend with a heart defect. Based on statistics from relevant agencies that nearly a thousand patients die each year due to the inability to receive organ donations, the animation aims to raise awareness of the issue of organ donation through its storyline.

If Buddha Were a Thoughtful Middle-Aged Manager

  • Won the 2nd place in the "Original Sticker" category of the 13th Myfone Mobile Creation Awards in 2019
  • Won the Best Emotional Award in the "Original Sticker" category of the 13th Myfone Mobile Creation Award in 2019


Throughout history, many people have often sought the guidance of gods or divination for various matters and even used their messages as a solution. What's even scarier is when they misinterpret the message and harm others. But what if they never said anything in the first place? Or what if they didn't want to listen? In modern times, this is akin to everyone in a company asking for the boss's help as if they were a god. Therefore, combining Buddha with a manager is mainly meant to express the idea that one should not rely on gods or divination for everything and instead take control of their own life.

Happy-Go-Lucky Youths Don't Give a Fack

Won the "Best Annual Emotional Award" in the "Original Sticker" category of the 13th Myfone Mobile Creation Award in 2019


Based on the theme of "Counterculture and Retro in Daily Life," this animation draws inspiration from the hippie culture that was popular in Western countries during the 1960s and 1970s. The hippie culture was chosen because it perfectly embodies the theme, and it also represents the younger generation's rebellion against traditional customs and war. The influence of the hippie culture can still be seen in our daily lives today.

Red Signal

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award - Communication Design


On average, 4.5 people die in accidents in Taiwan every day. Often, however, modern road safety advertising only consists of charts or data which are detached from reality and lack a sense of solidarity and therefore do not reach many people. The interactive design Red Signal aims to raise people’s awareness. It simulates car accidents, depicted on real Taiwanese roads, and illustrates life after death, combining virtual reality, 360-degree video technology and hardware. The objective of the work is to make users become afraid of car accidents and take traffic safety more seriously.

Liver University

Won the gold award in the animation category of the 2018 Bahamut ACG Creative Contest


In the world made up of organs, Liver University (Liver U) is the most prestigious institution that all small organs dream of attending, and the graduation requirement is to completely blacken out. The university meticulously prepares various courses, all-nighters, and teaches students to constantly replenish junk food, in order to cultivate outstanding and excellent next-generation black livers. In this world where the strong prey on the weak and the black reigns supreme, can GANAN graduate successfully?

Blacksmith Birds

Won the "Best Technical Award" in the 2018 Bahamut ACG Animation Category


The bird-woman Kaya, born with a missing right wing, is trapped in a deep valley cave and flying high is a dream she can never achieve. One night, the bird-man Hagu, who defends the village, falls into the gorge while being chased by a giant beast. Kaya accidentally picks up his warrior cloak, and the two meet and embark on a series of thrilling adventures.

The Moon Is Going Home

Won the Excellence Award in the Animation category of the 2018 Bahamut ACG Creation Contest


After a mishap, the moon falls from the sky! The skinny fox, who adores the moon, watches helplessly as the moon's light grows weaker and weaker. Devastated, the skinny fox and its friends - the little fox and the chubby fox - put their heads together to figure out how to send the moon back home. Through the use of vivid and lively colors, the story follows the three friends as they try various methods to return the fallen moon to the sky.


Won "Excellent Work" in the 2018 Bahamut ACG Animation Category


Four silent ants carry their own burdens on the cold track of life in the vast and boundless world covered in pure white snow. They search for their direction with golden maple leaves, brushing past other travelers and resonating with the world. The meaning of life is the answer to the question of what it is, and the pursuit of that answer is the answer itself. The train of life has stops along the way, and perhaps even a heavy footed journey can find its own belonging.


Won the Best Jury Prize at the San Diego International Children's Film Festival


The main theme of the story is to explore the issue of nature being destroyed by humans, using an animal's perspective to tell the story and to express the cruelty and heartlessness of humans through the helplessness of animals.


  • Won the 2017 HPC National Computer Animation Championship
  • Awarded second prize in the "Lighting Up Creativity" competition between Taiwan and mainland China


This is a story about the pursuit of the sun. It depicts how Xiaoluo, who was initially afraid of being hurt and hesitant to act, was influenced by the optimistic and proactive Thale. Xiaoluo inherited Thale's will and carried him, who had turned into stone from being exposed to the sun, to the closest point to the sun, realizing his dream.

Ink Art

Won the 2017 "Golden Award for Mobile Game" at the Vision Get Wild (VGW)


The game "Ink Art" is about sealing the misbehaving monsters in the human world. The Sima family has inherited this power for generations. However, the uncle, who coveted the authority and monster power, wiped out the entire family. The ancient four evils sealed by their ancestors were released, and darkness descended on the earth once again. The only heir, Sima Yun, embarked on a journey to seal the four evils.


Won the Silver Award for Mobile Games at the 2017 Vision Get Wild (VGW)


ROOM is a puzzle game on mobile platforms that challenges players to solve puzzles by combining and eliminating two colored balls, utilizing various mechanisms on the game map to clear levels and uncover the game's story.


Won the second place in the 5th HPC Kung Fu Competition in 2016


On a stormy night, both the Eastern and Western reapers desired the pure soul of an old man. A clever little mouse, who had been saved by the old man before, tried every means to revive him. As the reapers fought for the soul, the mouse came up with a plan and managed to save the old man's soul.

Zhong Kui

Won the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2014 in the design category


On a stormy night, both Eastern and Western death gods wanted to claim the pure soul of an old man. The small mouse, who had been saved by the old man before, tried every possible way to revive his master. In the midst of the death gods' struggle, the clever mouse came up with a solution and saved the old man's soul.

Heart of the Action

Won the Red Dot Design Award (Communication Design 2014) in the design category


Through the colors of indigenous Malaysian culture, this film brings a fresh and unknown experience to the viewers. The film will use a relatively lively pace to highlight the tension of hunting prey and the rich expression of colors, in order to attract attention. In addition, animal welfare issues will be the ultimate core value of this film, allowing viewers to have some space for deep thinking after watching and hoping to leave a deep impression on the audience.

Thief Daddy

Won the Red Dot Design Award 2013 in the Communication Design category


The main style of our design is simple geometric shapes, such as building blocks toys. According to our research on children's preferences for shapes, simple geometric shapes are more likely to attract the attention of preschool children.