Student Internship

To fulfill the goal of emphasizing both theory and practice, our department actively collaborates with related industry units to establish industry-academia partnerships, in order to provide students with opportunities to have practical internships in external companies.

    Recruitment Notice for Off-Campus Internship

    No information available, updates coming soon...

    Download Internship Documents

    Application Documents Notes Copies

    01.Department of Digital Media Design, Student Off-Campus Internship Contract (Tripartite Contract)

    1. Please carefully review the detailed implementation rules and application process first.
    2.  After confirming the details with both the students and the internship units, submit the electronic files to the department for verification.
    3. Print 3 copies and submit them to the company for stamping.
    4. After the company stamping and your signature, return the documents to the department to request the university's official stamp."
    02.Application Form for Off-campus Internship for Students of Department of Digital Media Design Please Refer to the Content 1
    03.Department of Digital Media Design, Student Off-Campus Internship Parental Consent Form Please type out the information on a computer before printing it out. 1

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